Buy the Stand Up Pedal Board

Are you looking for a mode of relaxation in your fast paced life, but laying around at the beach is too slow for a busy body like yourself?  Well there is great new way for water lovers to enjoy the deep blue and stay active at the same time. Invest in the best of both worlds with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

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Put Fun in your Work Out

The revolutionized water sport pedal board allows you to glide across the water, while actively working your muscles as you pedal. It’s a great work out with the added benefit of being a fun sort of sport to enjoy by yourself or with a partner. The combined motion of your arms and legs as you pedal and steer,  provides a smooth work out of your muscle that mimics that of a leisurely bike ride; with the added benefit of the fresh sea air and cool water underfoot, for you to  take a dip if you so desire after a fun work out session.

Comfortable Operations-No Manual Required

Operating the Stand Up Pedal Board is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Set everything up – (Easy to do, attach the handle bars and rudders to the bottom)
  2. Hop on, hold the bars and start “pedaling”
  3. Squeeze the handle bar right caliper to go right
  4. Squeeze the handle bar left caliper to go left
  5. Enjoy the fun!

It offers adequate support for balance as the handlebars are adjustable for all shapes and height.  Deck pads provide traction, to ensure comfort to your feet, no matter the length of your ride. Animal lovers, you can hang with your best friend riding shotgun or on the back, so you can both enjoy the swift breeze and relax in the mellow motion of the water, whether you prefer the ocean, river or lake.

Fit for Individual Sporting Needs

The Stand Up Pedal Board can accommodate your need for a little speed in your sporting, with speeds reaching up to 7 MPH and it also comes in 10.5-foot or the faster 12-foot board lengths. Your kids can join in on the fun as the built in traction will ensure their safety as you all navigate the water as a family.

For your comfort on and off the water, it includes accessories such as a protective board bag and a cart that allows for swift and easy transportation from the water. Your need for refreshment and to stay connected during your ride is also satisfied by an attached cup holder and universal phone mount, to capture fun moments to last a life time.

An Overall Safe and Fun-Promised Buy

Get in on the action, there is no better investment than one in health, fun and happiness individually or with your loved ones. The Hobie Eclipse, entails all that and more, for the full satisfaction of your water sport craving and great relaxation.