The Stand-Up Pedal Board and It’s Benefits

This awesome board came into existence in the year 2013 as a perfect example for exercise and recreation. Hobie has renewed the old 65 years of a pedal system into a totally new kind of fun by introducing the first stand up pedal board name as Hobie mirage eclipse. The idea behind this activity is bound to board and walk on water. Its high strength body and speed helps the rider to increase the mobility.

The Stand up pedal board is very easy to use as it does not require any special training and is also not age restricted just provided that who so ever is using it should be able to stand on their own without any support. By using this board people only have to step on and no paddle, seat or overboard splashes are required. The press steering allows you to glide left and right and the rudder automatically folds up when people reach on land so there is no harm to blades. They are designed in a way that they can easily be kept in a car or sailboats or powerboats. It is the perfect combination of the unique and fun ride.

Pedal board has two versions namely – The Mirage Eclipse 10.5 and The Mirage Eclipse 12. Both the models are very similar to each other but they have some contrasts. The MirageDrive permits the paddlers to utilize the legs and feet to drive, move forward over the lake, and other bodies of water without lifting a finger. It is particularly used by fishermen, who use it without using their hands. With these models, riders have the capacity to just stride down on the pedals that are integrated into the highest point of the board, making the forward force in the activity. The board is available in two colors namely- yellow and blue. Its each size board has different cost. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5 cost around $1,799 and Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 cost around $1,899.

The MirageDrive isn’t the main expansion to the paddle board. Hobie has additionally incorporated a set of handlebars that helps to direct this watercraft. Those handlebars are associated with a rudder that permits the individual to ride the Mirage Eclipse in the direction they want. In the event that you need to turn left, just crush the left caliper on the handle bars and it’ll start to move in that direction. If you need to go right, simply pull on the right caliper. In the case when you end up in shallow water just pull the rudder up, and use the standard paddle.

Health Benefits

• Low impact: This sports activity proved to be beneficial for every muscle in the body but is most beneficial for leg muscles. It does not require any strength on the operator part to move instead the motion made by legs in moving the board is same as walking on a gym machine.

• More calorie burns: If you like to spend hours with this on beach, lake then for sure this will affect your body weight by shedding pounds and will not damage joints of the body.

• Reduce the stress: Practicing this in the lake is that you are in hands of nature and will provide internal peace and enjoyment.

• Decreases the rate of Heart Attack: Many specialists say that increased in daily activities like walking, exercising reduces the rate of heart diseases and decrease the risk of heart attacks so by pedaling on board you are increasing your life span.

• Best Surfing Alternative: People who have fear of surfing this sport proves to be the best activity to be enjoyed with your friends.

• Yoga: There are a lot of people who are engaging in new fitness activity and that too on boards. By practicing yoga on board they add an extra advantage of balance to the activity and side by side the sun and the water will add experience into their life.


• Easy to Use: The rider does not require any additional training to ride this equipment. There is no age restriction only the think that needs to take care is the children who are willing to ride should be able to stand on their own without the support from others.

• Attractive and Unique Design: As it’s the first pedal board, it has gained a great attention from all the people. It is available in variant colors so the rider can pick one of its own choices.

• Stability: The board is simple yet the engineers have built it in such a way that a heavy person can stand on it without facing any issue. It can run smoothly on shallow water and helps the rider to turn in whichever direction.

• Can be fitted with Ad on: The board provides a protective space to put bags. It also holds a special space for universal space charger and cup holder. With this additional feature, the rider can enjoy the ride without facing any distraction.

The invention of Pedal board has created a fun environment in water sports activity. It’s bike like handle helps the rider to change the direction easily and its step-like design helps the board to move forward. Along with all these features, it also carries a holder where a rider can place its phone and can capture the best moments without facing any problem.

This special configuration doesn’t drive itself to adjust with the past outlines and rather truly opens up the water and a good time for people who are willing to take a risk on this outstandingly made and composed item. Inventors too say that it is the best designed water sports product that can be used by anyone without any hesitation. Hobie invented an awesome category of water sport equipment which is a perfect example of exercise with fun.