Exercising With Your Stand Up Pedal Board

In 2019, there is a new trend in the market hitting the outdoor sporting world with something new and exciting. It’s the idea of pedal boarding – hopping on a board and and “walking on water.”

It’s super easy for both adults and kids alike to get some good work out in. Even though this product primarily works out the leg muscles, there is tremendous health benefits associated with using it.

In this article we take a look at some of those advantages:

Low Impact Exercise

Standup Pedaling is NOT likely to cause any damages to muscles or tendons since it does not require any strenuous on the part of the operator. In fact, the motion you make with your legs to get it moving is similar to that of walking on the “gym step machine.”

Calorie Burner

If you spend a great deal of time on the lake with this you’re sure to burn some calories on your waist line. Increased activity has been proven to quickly help you shed pounds. Make this a part of your exercise routine and you may just say bye bye to the gym.

Fun Suggestion: Try competing with friends by racing your pedal board up and down in the lake. Not only will this be an exciting thing to try out but you’ll increase your heart rate and feel like you did a great workout afterwards.

Stress Reduction

You’re one with nature. There is nothing better than taking this to your lake, deploying it and being one with your environment. You will find incredible peace and enjoyment especially when you pedal with someone else.

Avoid Heart Attacks

How you say? It’s simple. Many cardiovascular specialists agree that increased activity reduces the chances of developing serious heart diseases and reduces the risk of a heart attack and stroke. Remember this is similar to walking and pedaling a bike. So the health benefits are similar too.

Without a doubt, this is the perfect product for exercise and recreation. Add all the benefits listed above and it is a MUST HAVE.

We also recommend that you review the Hobie Mirage Eclipse Board. Get ready for fun, enjoyment and a good workout.