Stand Up Pedal Boards in 2019

Exercise is important. Without it, we’d be hopelessly unhealthy and probably die quicker than we should. However, the good thing about exercise is that we can choose how we get that exercise to keep us healthy.

Yes, it can be fun!

A fun way that people have been getting exercise is through paddle boarding. Maybe you’ve done it before. With the new Stand-up Pedal Board though, everybody wants to know, “What’s the difference?” and, “How are they similar?

If you’ve got either of those questions, then you’re in the right place!

This article is going to be all about comparing the Innovative Stand-up Pedal Board to the traditional Paddle Board.

What are they?

First of all both boards are made for a unique water sport lifestyle. The origin of both boards originates in Hawaii, a United States territory noted for their active life on the water, inclusive of surfing and other water activities. Both in a way has elements of of surfing, though they are major differences between the two and though you’re not necessarily climbing gigantic waves.

The biggest difference is that unlike surfing where you lay on the board until a wave comes; both Paddle Boarding and Pedal Boarding involve standing. However, that’s where the similarities between surfing and these kinds of boarding end.

Paddle Boarding involves standing on a large oval shaped board, and using a paddle to propel you on the water and towards the waves. However, it should also be noted that you can kneel on your board as well, and instead of using physical paddles you can use your hands to move your board through the water (quite fun I must say). Regardless of the option you choose however, you’re sure to have a fun time on the water as both activities make your time on the water an enjoyable one.

But, what about Stand-up Pedal Boarding? As the name suggests, you have to stand to participate in this water activity. When it comes to this newly crafted outdoor activity you’ll notice that the board has a built in pedal that you use to propel you through the water. Yes, a pedal! It’s similar to the kind you’d find on a bicycle or something of that sort.

Believe it or not, Pedal Boarding is actually a new phenomenon, the pioneers of this sport being Hobie. Hobie is a company noted for their innovations on the water sport scene. Their Hobie Mirage Eclipse is no different, considering the fact it mixes their innovative pedal technology and a high-quality aerodynamic board.

What’s the ride like on a Paddle Board vs. a Stand-up Pedal Board?

If you’re interested in either, then one big question you’ve got would be – what’s the ride like? Is one better than other?

Well, straight off the bat, you should be able to tell that it makes more sense that a Stand Up Pedal Board would have a smoother ride that a Paddle Board. Here are just a few reasons why this is so:

  • You don’t exert too much energy to move across the water with as you would do with a Paddle Board. With a Pedal Board, all you have to do is hold on to the handle bars and pedal, with a Paddle Board you have to use a physically paddle.
  • It’s noticeably easier for beginners to maneuver, whereas a paddle board requires more skill to operate safely.
  • A Paddle Board doesn’t have the conveniences that a Stand-up Pedal board has, like an extremely comfortable ride.

When it comes to the smoothness of the ride, the Stand Up Pedal Board has the Paddle Board beat hands down. You just can’t beat the convenience that it provides you with (and don’t forget fun)!

With all that said, the choice between the two is a decision for you to make. We have found that while one works out the hand muscles mostly, the other is more centered around giving the feet a work out. What we can also tell you is that the company behind these amazing creations (Hobie) has always been known for their high quality and highly rated products

In fact, if you just do a Google Search or search their website or Facebook for information on what they offer then you’ll come to realize it has been quite a hit among people worldwide.

What Are You Waiting For?

We suggest you don’t spend any more time thinking about it but make a decision and take the plunge. Whatever time of year it is, you can grab one today and start exploring. On our website you’ll find a ton of resources, dealer information and more on either sport so that you can make an informed decision before going out there to make the purchase.