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Best Stand Up Pedal Boards


Best Stand Up Pedal Boards
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Searching for a new and innovative way to enjoy the water? Looks like you’re looking for a Stand Up Pedal Board. Sure you’re used to paddling and that’s fun. But now it’s time to introduce you to something exciting and new. On this website you’ll find everything you need to know about pedal boarding including: The best boards, tips, reviews and the best options available to you. Browse around.

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Have Fun and Play on the Water

Whether you’re an outdoor lover, fitness fanatic, sports junkie or just love to have fun you will find that the Hobie Mirage Eclipse falls perfectly in-tune with your needs. This amazing product combines the joy of enjoying the water and exercising all at the same time.

While many kayakers are traditionally used to sitting, using a paddle and splashing away, users of the Eclipse will find that the Pedal Board is different. To operate it is simple; just hop on, grab the handles and pedal. Much like walking or even riding a bike the Hobie® has combined those two loves into one.

Perfect Exercise Routine

stand-up-pedal-board-is-good-exerciseWe all have various exercise routines on land. But with this new creative invention it’s also now possible to further enjoy the water. By mimicking an afternoon jog and a few minutes on the thread-mill, the Stand-up Pedal Board allows you to conveniently burn calories and get your workout in.

As a low impact exercise, it’s unlikely that you will damage any muscles or joints so feel free to indulge. With most of the workout focused on your legs, you’re sure to build core leg muscles.

You’re even able to workout at your own pace by simply “pedaling slower” (to cruise) or “pedaling fast” to sprint.

If you get too tired of pedaling (which we highly doubt), the Eclipse can be converted into a traditional paddle board allowing you to also enjoy the benefits of an upper-body workout.

So much for that gym membership.

Easy-To-Use and Steer

Nothing better than an easy-to-operate product right? With easy to grip aluminium alloy handle bars, you can turn left or right with ease by just squeezing either bar handle. The handlebar can also be easily adjusted up or down which means it’s perfect for both kids and adults of any height.

As you create a stepping motion (similar to that of riding a bike), the Hobie Eclipse will respond accordingly going as fast or slow as you desire.

The fins glide smoothly and easily in water allowing for a comfortable ride. As you approach land, the fin folds against.

As for transportation; that’s easy too! You can easily carry the product to and from the water with ease.

Made for the Relaxation of Everyone

That’s right; being a part of nature is not only comforting but relaxing as well. Being out on the water is sure to have some positive impact on your well-being. We see this as an activity to enjoy by both kids and adults – fun for the whole family.

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Discount Coupons in Your Inbox

Get the best price deals on PEDAL and PADDLE boards!

Discount Coupons in Your Inbox

Get the best price deals on PEDAL and PADDLE boards!